Your Services As A
High-Paid Affiliate...

...For A Product That
Sells Like Crazy!

From: Alex Sampson
Tue. 4:14pm

Dear Friend,

I'll cut straight to the chase...

If you're looking for a profitable affiliate/associate program to promote I suggest that you read every word of this letter immediately...

I'm about to show you a potential *gold-mine* that quite frankly, God's honest truth I am seriously tempted to keep under wraps and to myself.

"You see, you may not know this yet but..."

My "Bass Guitar Secrets Home Study Super Course" is an outrageous best seller... And I don't say that lightly -- It literally sells like hot-dogs at a baseball game!

Now I confess...

Since I started marketing this site and quickly realized that I'd struck frickin' gold, for a while I selfishly put off ever starting an affiliate program for the web site, even though...

...All the while several affiliate marketers who have an eye for 'hot profit centers' would write me over and over again, all asking the same thing...

"Alex, do you have an affiliate program set up for BassGuitarSecrets.Com, and can I sign up for it like right now?!"

Then I'd often make lame excuses but to be truthful, at the heart of it was that I really didn't want anyone near my prized bestseller.

And I swear... I still almost don't want to do this...

And what makes it even harder for me to decide on starting an affiliate program is that with all the other 'learn to play bass' programs there are online, our course still commands a notable dominance, with a barrage of amazing customer testimonials, real success stories and an undeniably outstanding level of quality...

Here's an example of the kind of comments we get day in and day out!

"...This material is far better than what other sites offer... I only wish I'd had the sense to sign up with "Bass Guitar Secrets" first! -- But you live and learn..."

~ Jason Rushworth (of VVG Studios)

Click here for a sample of some more customer testimonials

Another reason I was very tight lipped about every starting an affiliate program was because "Bass Guitar Secrets" was not some two bit product I quickly slapped together just to make a few dollars, and so its tremendous success is something I hold very dear and close to my chest.

...But here's why I am in fact finally letting a few people in
on a 'mini', almost 'private' affiliate program...

A few days ago I read something online that really got me super pumped...

For the first 3 months of 2006 alone, the number of people with Internet access grew at a rate of approximately 56,000 new users -- Per day!

Some more digging showed me that just about every single 'significant interest group' of online users was literally exploding at a mind-numbing, wildfire-like rate -- Including bass players!

So I took a shameful slap in the face then I admitted that...

...As fabulous as we do promoting the course on our own, our reach (on our own) was literally laughable in comparison to the size of the market!

Now I truly believe in my course and it's my personal goal to get it into as many hands as possible, to help as many bassists as possible... But trying to do it on my own steam was like trying to empty the desert of its sand using a spoon.

Until recently I admit, I was missing the big picture, but that's where you come in.

But why can this affiliate program be
such a literal gold mine for you?

Chances are you know how most basic affiliate/associate programs work... You refer people to a site, a minuscule number out of every 1,000 people you send over buys something and you get paid a small fraction of the sale. MOST times like 5% - 15%.

Well, that's the old boring 'minimum-profit-potential' model.

Here's 11 reason's why this affiliate program ROCKS!..

Our newly started 'BassGuitarTips.Com - Maximum Leverage Affiliate Program' is stealing affiliates away from other programs like refreshing iced cold lemonade on a hot Phoenix day and here's why...

Maximum Leverage Factor #1)

Our websites sell and that's a fact! -- While it's against the law for me to give you specifics that can be construed as guaranteed financial results (because there is no such thing) I can say this...

I mentioned before that "Bass Guitar Secrets" is a smash hit best seller and I was not kidding.

If you've ever joined an affiliate program, worked your butt off sending visitors to it only to find that the resulting sales were dismal and the refunds were brutal, it's no surprise to me!

You see many (if not most) affiliate programs online are owned and run by people who;

A) Don't know how to market their goods,
B) Don't invest in having top copywriters/marketers help them do so,
C) Sorry to say but have shoddy products.

By contrast, we employ marketing mavericks that help us outsell our competitors and we only produce high quality products our people love!

...And what's more we're constantly tweaking and improving our sales process and never stop working towards making the site more profitable with higher and higher and higher conversion rates.

And I mean, let's be real... The truth is, even a 95% commission payout is FOOL's GOLD if the site can't sell! -- So that's why we find this is the first most critical aspect of a good affiliate program.

So if you've ever joined an affiliate program and been disappointed with your results quit wasting your time, energy and money and give ours a shot.

"I've heard enough... Let me sign up!"

Maximum Leverage Factor #2)

You can start earning respectable commissions from day 1 -- Since we pay you up to 65% of the net profit per sale through our 20/20 Gold Plan.

My friend... Don't let anyone insult your efforts by offering you meager 5% and 10% cuts on the sales you make.

The instant you sign up for our program we start you off with a juicy 45% share of the net sale of a "Bass Guitar Secrets" course (Digital download version)... That's huge!

But because we love to reward performance we've set up what we call our "20/20 Gold Plan" -- meaning, the instant you make 20 sales (extremely easy to do with our system) your commission on all future sales is automatically bumped up by a full 20% giving you command of the lion's share of each sale!

...You'll then be earning a full 65% of the sale!

* Our "20/20 gold plan" is a limited offer to the first 47 affiliates (or less) only!

"I've heard enough... Let me sign up!"

Maximum Leverage Factor #3)

We guarantee you'll make the maximum amount of sales from your efforts -- Because we pay you commissions on any sale made up to 5 full years after you first sent the visitor!

Here's another big benefit you don't often see... Especially with affiliate programs run on sites that use ClickBank as their payment processor.

When you send us a visitor who doesn’t buy right away -- but comes back say 5 months or even 5 years later to purchase, our highly advanced tracking software instantly 'remembers' them and still credits you for the sale -- They don't even need to click on your link a second time.

If I'm not mistaken when you promote an affiliate program run by a site that uses Clickbank you get a commission if the person purchases there and then or a maximum of 60 days later...

...So if someone buys say 3 months later you don't get a commission and you lose out on that sale!


Before you know it you're trying to catch water with a net since it's well known that many, many, many folks scope out a website for a looonnggg time before they decide to order. With us it doesn't matter.

That's brings us to our next advantage...

"I've heard enough... Let me sign up!"

Maximum Leverage Factor #4)

We've found a way to multiply your results, sometimes by up to 200-300% without you doing a single thing more!

Here's another thing we don't see others doing. When people visit our site a good deal of them buy right away, but obviously most won't. So to combat this we offer them free sample chapters of the work, collect their e-mail addresses and let them leave to 'think about it'...

But because we recognize that person as a highly targeted, potential customer we make it our duty to follow-up on them for you with a series of very powerful email messages that eventually convince a large number of them to go through with the purchase...

If you are promoting an affiliate program that isn't capturing emails and following up, most all of your efforts are wasted as up to 99.7% of most people's visitors will not buy the first time they visit the site!

Why on earth then should you be content with whatever reduced profits you're making, starting over from scratch each and every day trying to make a buck, when you should be building a compound roll-over asset of potential customers that's good for sales for the next 5 years?!

(We've found that sometimes this can easily increase the number of sales you'd make by a factor of 2 - 3 times!)

Another way that we maximize your efforts with you doing no additional work what so ever.

"I've heard enough... Let me sign up!"

Maximum Leverage Factor #5)

You earn hands-free cash bonuses every time we launch a new product to our affiliate program!

OK this one is a biggie... Most none of the other affiliate programs in this industry do this.

We already have several products in the works that our customers tell us they are very interested in buying in the near future. Here's why that is huge for you.

When you promote the "Bass Guitar Secrets" course today and make sales, those customers are STILL 'tagged' as yours even after the sale...

So when we launch new products into the affiliate program, if your previous customers buy, you automatically earn commissions on those follow-up sales that we make for you, even though you DO absolutely nothing!

So don't be surprised to log into your affiliate account and see that you have a barrel load of sales and a big commission check on a product you didn't even know existed that we launched two days before.

"I've heard enough... Let me sign up!"

Maximum Leverage Factor #6)

You actually get paid quickly without hassle!

I don't know about you but I'd sure hate to have to wait months on end for a commission on sales I legitimately earned.

So to me, 60 - 120 day holding periods where your commission is held in limbo... Waiting 7 - 14 days for checks to show up in the mail... Waiting another 7 days for it to clear at your bank... And waiting for your commissions to cross a certain minimum payout level (e.g. some people only pay you your commission after you've earned a minimum of $100) -- These are all no-no's.

That's why when you make a sale with us, even if it's only a single sale for the month, you get paid for it via Paypal! (The Internet's leading form of instant email payments, and free to sign-up for!)

This way, when we process commission payments (we do so twice a month on the 1st and the 16th *see affiliate agreement) you know that it's only a few seconds away from being in your hands and there's no waiting around for it to show up in the mail and chance getting lost!

N.B. By the way, if you don't already have a Paypal account you can get one for free by clicking here, and they are dead simple to use!

"I've heard enough... Let me sign up!"

Maximum Leverage Factor #7)

Our affiliate tracking is done by highly advanced award winning 'bulletproof' software -- That keeps you up to the minute on sales and other important stats and uses tracking technologies so advanced and so accurate that it makes other affiliate programs that do only 'cookie-tracking' laughable.

The instant you make a sale, you'll know...

If 10 people click your affiliate link to visit our site today, you'll know as well. Everything is totally transparent.

Plus, you can keep your finger on all your daily and monthly sales stats, conversion rates, earnings to date, number of visitors etc. with the simple click of a mouse button in our easy to use but sophisticated control panel.

"I've heard enough... Let me sign up!"

Maximum Leverage Factor #8)

Over and above your earned commissions we reward our affiliates with great cash and non-cash bonuses and prizes.

I said before that we love to reward performance, because we want you to keep helping us promote our products.

So even though we already have one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the industry, from time to time we also hold fun contests that give every one of you a chance to win cool stuff like CDs, super cool digital electronics, cash bonuses and a host of other things we pick out.

This is in addition to the commissions we already pay you, of course.

You see we want to make it fun to promote our products and motivate you into constant action. And to do so we offer you a lot more than an automated 'thank you email and your commission when you make a sale.

"I've heard enough... Let me sign up!"

Maximum Leverage Factor #9)

You’ll get unlimited access to loads of proven ads, banners, graphics, emails, reviews etc. -- That we've battle-tested into generating very high numbers of click-throughs and sales!

Yes all the hard work has already been done for you. Your part is easy...

Sign-up, use the same ads and marketing material we've tested and proven to work to refer people to our sites and we do the rest and send you the moolah!

"I've heard enough... Let me sign up!"

Maximum Leverage Factor #10)

Your customers are well taken care of -- meaning an industry low for refunds and the highest likelihood for number of persons purchasing new products!

When you send over a visitor who ends up purchasing you can be sure that they are going to be very well taken care of!

People like this are proven to be 1) Exceedingly grateful that you turned them on to a good resource, with people who look out for them... 2) More likely to keep, use and appreciate the product... 3) And far more likely to buy again and again and again...

All of which ultimately mean, more commissions for you.

"I've heard enough... Let me sign up!"

Maximum Leverage Factor #11)

Fanatical support of our affiliates -- to make sure that you're not about this on your own.

If you have a question about improving your affiliate sales, let us know.

I am not sure if this has hit you yet but I want you to do EXCEEDINGLY well with this program and that's not a joke! The truth about it is that when you make money I do as well.

I want you to be profitable... I want you to be happy because then you'll keep promoting for us for a long time and that relationship with my affiliates is something I value highly to the point where you will not only be 'supported' but over and above that I'll personally invest in your training and getting you to produce more and more results.

"I've heard enough... Let me sign up!"

Get this... I WANT you to excel and do OUTRAGEOUSLY well with this,
and I intend to help you do so!

why are we only accepting a few affiliates?

Well there are 3 simple reasons actually...

Because quite frankly, we're wanting to keep individual profitability as high as possible, for a very long time.

So while I want help getting the word out, I'm not looking at messing up and diluting the profitability of the web site for myself and my few best affiliates. We're turning visitors into cash and I want to keep it that way.

I would much rather work with a small number of highly profitable, happy, motivated and active affiliates because they are the ones that continue to promote consistently, than to have 1,000 people promote this and cheapen the impact!

Most people who join affiliate programs never do anything worthwhile. In fact it's estimated that only 3% - 10% of most large affiliate bases are really active the way you'd want them... So I've decided to keep my group small and work closely with them at keeping as many as possible super active!

WARNING! -- If you're one of those affiliates who joins program after program and then spends a month thinking about 'getting started' please take a pass on this one! - I am NOT kidding.

This is a real opportunity to make some good dough and I always have serious people emailing me asking to join, who are real go-getters...

...I would much rather give your spot to them!!

I also have people working for me who do nothing but recruit 'super-affiliates' on some days. So as you read this, serious players are being signed up and less and less spots are becoming available.

So do you want to partner with us and
cash in on some good profits?

I'm not asking you to join some unproved 'maybe-it'll-work-maybe-it-won't-scheme'... I know this works as my business' livelihood depends on it daily!

And I'm not going to beg. It's your loss to be reading this, decide to pass and not become a partner of this site.

But don't let the term 'partner' fool you... I'm using the term loosely. You don't need to invest a single dime or anything like that.

In fact at the moment it's 100% free to join.

All you have to do is sign up here risk free, and if you're accepted I'll give you my best proven tools to work with to turn this into a working profit center for you.

Here's what to do now...

The "BassGuitarTips.Com - Maximum Leverage Affiliate Program" is by application only.

Just click here to sign-up now. After you submit the affiliate sign-up form your information will be individually reviewed.

Please make sure you include an accurate phone number in case we need to call you and confirm your application. Your affiliate account will only become active if we approve your application.

Oh yeah, don't forget -- The first 47 affiliates will also belong to a special group that will have the chance to get their commission rate bumped up by an additional 20%.

NO ONE else will get this offer, so it's in your best interest to act fast.

Further more I don't want to have to focus on this for too long. My focus must be creating great training courses for helping bassists improve their bass playing.

So as soon as I have the amount of people I think we can support and keep active, this public offering for the affiliate program is CLOSED for good!

Those inside will likely continue to profit wildly with us... Those left outside can pretty much forget about it and look for some other program to promote... It may not be fair to people who hear about this later than others but hey... What can you do?


Yours in online profit,

P.S. If you own a targeted email list that is 100% optin, an e-zine, magazine, newsletter, have a high traffic forum targeted specifically towards bass players or you own a bass related website that drives a lot of traffic and you think you have what it takes to be a 'super affiliate', click here to contact us personally with your 1) name, 2) phone contact and 3) why you think you'd be a super affiliate before you sign up...

We've got something really interesting to run past you ;-)

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