"Terms of Use And
Affiliate Agreement"

Please read and signup below

Below is a detailed description of our affiliate agreement, but I especially want to highlight 2 points right upfront.

A. We send payments ONLY via Paypal. If you don't already have a Paypal account please click here to make sure that Paypal is available in your country and signup for one. (It's free and fast!)

B. Under no circumstances are you to promote our sites using unsolicited emails (Spam). That would be a really bad idea.

Please now continue to the more detailed agreement below...

We maintain this web site as a service and business opportunity for our visitors.

In a perfect world I'd be able to ignore writing this page, you'd sign up and start making millions every day promoting our products and we'd eat candy all day long without fear of cavities...

Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and I have certain things I have to say by law to set the stage before we can get to the good stuff.

I'll try to make this as plain and non-gibberish sounding as possible. I apologize if you mistake that for bluntness but I have to clearly establish the rules for playing.

I like to think that I'm a very fair and reasonable guy and so are these terms... So nothing here is placed as a 'catch' or to take advantage of you -- I'm just trying to cover my butt from people who aren't so fair and reasonable.

Although participating in this program is an open opportunity it's not really for everyone: Only for those with the common sense to accept and treat with it as a real business opportunity.

And if you're in business you'll know that I can't openly accept liability for anything that you (or another third party) do/don't do, does/doesn't do and I can't promise you anything specific -- For example, I can't promise you hands-free guaranteed financial results or immunity to cavities.

All I offer is a chance to promote our websites by the fair rules for a cut of the dough, based on the results you actually produce. Fair isn't it?

Now, let me spell out each of these terms out in plain English:

1. First off, our affiliate program is intended and provided for individuals who are at least 18 years old. By joining you're stating that you are at least 18 and are eligible legally for an affiliate account and to accept this agreement.

2. BassGuitarTips.Com has the right to change the commission structure at any time without prior notice. We currently pay out a standard 45% commissions on the net sale of a "Bass Guitar Secrets Super Course" (Digital Download Version) and specific announced commissions on any other products we later launch.

As most all affiliate programs do, we may also sell some products we do not pay commissions on. Stuff for example like (but not limited to) other people's affiliate products we endorse, or seminars, e-classes and other things where we have a high cost of promotion etc.

We may also offer services that we do not pay commissions on, like consulting and teleseminar training etc. Other offerings may come out with a commission other varied commissions structures.

3. You DO NOT make commissions on your own purchase of our products.

If you're signing up as an associate in order to earn a commission on your own purchase for a product then please don't bother completing the form.

We don't pay out a commission on your own purchase for any of our products. This applies to orders from your spouse, children, immediate family members or relatives placed through your affiliate link.

In addition, sales tracked to the same IP address, company address, physical mailing address or household are not eligible for commission payments. In the event of a discrepancy, we reserve the right to withhold commission payments until past the product guarantee period. (See below.)

4. We reserve the right to make occasional faxes and prerecorded message calls to resellers to announce new products and so forth. We also send out emails. If you can't deal with being notified about new chances to make sales and beef up your commission payments, then don't sign up as a reseller. We also send out a periodic Affiliate Update.

5. BassGuitarTips.Com does NOT in any way represent that you'll make even a dime from this program. There is even the possibility of loss of capital from promoting it (Surprise, surprise... Can you say 'business').

If you find a guaranteed way to make money with no risk and no investment, wake up -- you're not living on the same planet I am.

6. We accept no responsibility for losses or inconvenience of any kind due to technical problems or failure. We do our best to ensure the highest possible "uptime" of our services and should a fault be found, we will attempt to solve it at the earliest possible convenience, on a time scale dependent by us.

7. You agree not to misrepresent the program in any way.

For example, you agree not to go around guaranteeing folks that if they study our course(s) they will become a bass recording superstar next week. You get the idea right? But just to be safe BassGuitarTips.Com is the sole judge of what is considered as misrepresentative.

8. You also may not represent any of our services, websites, products or any other relationship in a way which is considered vulgar, unethical, immoral or unprofessional, based on our sole judgment. We reserve the right to terminate an affiliate at any time if they are considered to be in violation of this.

9. BassGuitarTips.Com can revoke the reseller rights from any reseller without advance notice.

10. BassGuitarTips.Com can discontinue the program at any time without prior notice as we are under no obligation to continue to operate a program. We can also suspend new affiliate applications and/or reserve the right to accept/decline new affiliates at out discretion.

11. BassGuitarTips.Com can change the product offering or the specifics of the product offered at any time. We can also change the commissions offered at any time. Both without prior notice. If there's a screw up (not probable but we are human) on commissions sent to you and we send you too much, we may subtract out commissions on the next payment to adjust for it.

12. BassGuitarTips.Com can change this agreement at any time without prior notice. It is the reseller's responsibility to check for changes in this agreement.

13. In the event of a refund, the reseller will be charged back the amount of commissions paid. These are taken from the next commission payout or, if the refund occurs prior to the associate being paid for the sale, then they are deducted from the amount due to be paid. If no commissions are earned by the associate during the next 3 months, an invoice will be sent to you for the amount owing.

14. BassGuitarTips.Com pays commissions twice monthly (every two weeks) by PayPal... Usually on the 1st and the 16th of each month. No payments are made on weekends or holidays, so if either payout day is a weekend or holiday, we'll process it on the next working day. Sales made from the 1st to the 15th of one month are usually paid on the 16th of that month... Sales from the 17th to the calendar end of the month is sent on the 1st of the following month.

All commissions are paid solely through PayPal. We do not send checks or money orders if you are not able to accept a payment through PayPal. At the time of joining please make sure that your country is listed with PayPal. We cannot be held responsible if you sign up for the program without first having checked to make sure you are listed and can be paid commissions this way.

If your country is not listed then you will not be able to receive payments and as a result, you should refrain from completing the application form. If you do not check first to make sure that your country IS listed, then make sales and cannot accept PayPal, we are under no obligation to send payments outside of PayPal.

15. You agree not to hold Alex Sampson nor BassGuitarTips.Com liable for failure to perform or make sales.

16. You agree not to engage in any fraudulent practices in order to increase your payouts.

Doing so forfeits all commissions due. Causes for termination as a reseller can include but are not limited to fraud, suspected fraud involving your reseller id, spam complaints attributed to your reseller ID, and claims or representations that are inaccurate, invalid or fraudulent.

If any affiliate is found to have blatantly processed fraudulent transactions through any of our chosen processing gateways, or we suspect that they may be doing so, we reserve the right to immediately refund or void any orders without prior notice, and immediately terminate their account. Your details may be passed on to any government, anti-fraud, police or legal agency or department to further look into the situation. We reserve the right to use your personal details in any way we deem acceptable in order to combat fraud - which includes, but is not limited to, informing our processing company(s) and seeking loss from damages against you.

But most people need not worry about this - Be a nice guy and all will be well. This is placed here strictly for the very conning, scamming, low down dirty tricksters there are out there.

17. You agree not to send unsolicited offers or spam my offer to anyone for any reason and doing so forfeits all commissions due. This applies to newsgroup spamming and FFA sites also. It is against the terms to promote our products to anyone signing up for your FFA site or by purchasing any type of SAFE LIST.

We reserve the right also to terminate an affiliate at any time for this, as well as charge a fee of up to $500.00 US dollars per incident and threaten potential legal action. You see SPAM hurts US and puts the integrity of our domain names etc. at risk.

Any "spam" complaints received against your account will immediately put your account and any fund owed you "on hold", until the matter can be properly investigated and a decision made. DO NOT SPAM!!

In the event that the accusations are false your account will be instantly reinstated, however where reports prove otherwise ALL funds owed will be forfeited and commensurate action commenced.

18. Partners will receive real-time access to their statistics via the affiliate area we provide.

Access to this area may be restricted at our sole discretion. Any periods of "downtime" due to technical failure, problems or maintenance (whether scheduled or otherwise) renders us without liability for any losses or inconvenience caused. All affiliate links, URLs supplied and any other tools, resources and self-replicated websites will be hosted on our servers and remain our property. No website may be changed, updated or modified in any way or set up on any of your own servers, websites, or any other platform unless we specifically give you permission.

19. BassGuitarTips.Com has given you the rights to resell this product through our program without first requiring you to buy the product. We're pretty nice aren't we?

20. This program stands by itself. Having promotion rights through this program does not give you the rights to resell any of BassGuitarTips.Com's nor those of Alex Sampson outside of the program.

In other words you do NOT, unless otherwise stated have any rights and/or ownership whatsoever over any of our products, and selling/giving them away outside of promoting them through a valid affiliate link are violations of our copyright which we take very seriously! Want it put even more plainly? Ok. You can't sign up for the affiliate program then go make copies of our work and sell it from the street corner, put up another website and sell the downloads there or any such thing.

21. Should any provision, section or part of this agreement be ruled illegal, not-enforcable or invalid, it will not invalidate the rest of the agreement. All other terms and provisions will remain valid, enforceable and in tact.

22. This agreement is between you (the reseller) and BassGuitarTips.Com -- an entity owned and operated by a Delaware LLC company.

23. In the event a sale is tracked that cannot be verified or is deemed questionable, we do reserve the right to withhold commission payments until AFTER the refund/guarantee period. For information on the guarantee period specific to each product please visit the product sales pages.

24. You are an independent contractor and are solely responsible for your taxes. You are in no way, shape or form an employee of Alex Sampson nor BassGuitarTips.Com.

You also agree not to go around saying or otherwise representing that you are. You won't do anything illegal, use any domain names that aren't rightfully yours and won't hold Alex Sampson and/or BassGuitarTips.Com liable for any lawsuits.

25. This is our only agreement and supersedes any verbal agreements.

26. Any substantial disagreements that require moderation concerning this agreement will be resolved by an independent board of arbitration in the state of Delaware, at a venue selected by BassGuitarTips.Com

By promoting or signing up for the program, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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